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Tayna Batteries Just done a product photoshoot with the amazing guys at Tayna Batteries - - Car Batteries Abergele‎ give them a try for all your commercial and vehicle battery requirements 

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A lot happening recently..... Hello

Its been a while since my last blog and I really should do this more often but so much has been happening I just haven't had the time.

I have been working alongside an amazing portrait, commercial and fashion photographer, Damian McGillicuddy to learn new lighting and studio techniques and Damian is genuinely world famous and is in the elite holding a double Grand Masters, and a Grand Master with Double Bar as part of his rich history of professional recognition.

Some the images in my Gallery reflect my work with him including a session in a working boxing gym.

I have also been working with Pathways studio in Chester with a series of very professional models and these are again in my gallery.

All of this is to make sure that I bring the latest and most cutting edge techniques and skills to the benefit of my clients.

So, as you can see I have been busy but all in the good cause of producing amazing and bespoke images.

Speak soon


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Denbigh and Flint Show Thought I would try something a bit different - I'm used to photographing pets, human and landscapes but thought I would try livestock (and some show jumping as well) at the Denbigh and Flint show last week. There are a few images on my gallery - let me know what you think? The livestock was actually fairly easy as they tend not to run about and want to play fetch like your average dog! 

The textures in the wool and fur also give a new and unusual dimension and would be good to offer a service to photograph prize livestock if anyone might be interested?

Bye for now


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Interesting times! Hi - welcome to my second blog and a few things have moved forward since last time.

I have got my new FaceBook page up and running - find me at Steven Partner / BespokeFoto - and have tried a couple of FaceBook promotions. Not sure if I fully grasp the best way to spend my hard earned cash with FaceBook, so a bit trial and error but has generated a lot of 'likes' so must be doing something right!

On a more interesting note, I have been talking to the Autism Society about how I can develop my skills to provide photography for people with autism and  their families. It seems there are very few photographers in the UK who are trained in autism services so this is potentially a very exciting time for me.

I will also be talking to the Clwydian Range Countryside Service in a few days time to see how I can work with them to bring new people in to the Clywydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and to capture images and memories, so again a potentially exciting development.

I will update how these two exciting openings develop in future blogs.

As always, contact me with any thoughts or questions.



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New venture! Well this is exciting!

I have built and published my first ever web site - who says can't teach old dog new skills....

I hope it looks ok and always welcome comments and was to add to and improve  it.

Basically, I am looking to expand in to portrait and headshot, lifestyle, fashion, model, commercial , and of course pet and livestock photography.

Weddings? Well I'm not sure. Its tempting so maybe soon.

I have just updated all my gear - for the photography geeks out there I am using a Canon 5D Mark iv camera body and a Canon 5D Mark ii as back up. I have my trusty Canon 70-150mm f2.8ii USM Telephoto lens which produces amazing images with creamy blurred backgrounds to help the portrait stand out in the image and I also have moved to Sigma Art prime lenses which have had rave reviews in the professional media - any You Tube search on Sigma Art will show what I am hoping to achieve.

But thats enough of the technical stuff for now (unless you want to know more, then just ask).

A way to get to see what I can do for you might be to try one of my family and dog photoshoots where I walk with you in a country setting and capture the essence of how you and your dog make a great team.

My preferred location is Loggerheads Country Park near my home in North Wales (post code of the country park is CH7 5LH) and my charge is only £40 for the walk and up to 10 images on DVD, but I can come to other places by agreement. Loggerheads is, however a great location with a mixture of woodland walks, the River Alyn (dry at this time of year) and also old industrial stone buildings. Try it even if you don't need me to be there with you.

So thats it for my first Blog - hope it is of interest, please let me know.

Best wishes for now


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